Netflix Series Suggestions

Stay Home Watch TV Series! Array Recommendations

Those who need new advice that do not know what to watch during this process we are at home are in the right place. Let’s start!

1) Our Planet

In the process of making stay home calls, we see that animals in many cities have landed in cities via social media. We constantly state that we should take precautions by accusing different people. But isn’t it time for us to look for the error in ourselves?

With this documentary, it is possible to see the crimes we committed against nature and animals. When we say melting glaciers, desertification lands, extinct animals, global warming, we start to think about what we can do for this world…

Our Planet is an 8-hour miniseries with great visuals. You will observe our world from a different perspective. Maybe we will realize that some things need to change when the period we are going through now is over.

2) Gotham

So far we have watched so many Batman movies. Animations series movies in the Dc universe. I think Gotham brings a different breath. The series that made the final in the 5th season shows us how Batman turned into Batman. It begins as a boy named Bruce Wayne in the main story. The story is processed through Commissioner Gordon. Gordon’s story is quite interesting with all the criminals we know from the Batman movies. A complete drama series is the only difference in the city of Gotham. A beautiful series of immersive, dark theme.

3) The Last Kingdom

Historical series are my favorites, as can be seen from the list. I especially enjoy the series that deals with war history issues. The Last Kingdom will be very enjoyable especially for those who love the Vikings series.

The series tells the foundation story of Great Britain, which was worn out during the Viking era. Music and ambiance are fantastic. Our lead character, Uthred, was taken captive as a result of his father’s war with the Vikings. He was brought up as a Viking, but after he grew up, Uthred returns to England to take revenge and reclaim his own land. But he finds himself as a person between the king of Wessex and the Vikings. I say don’t miss it. Destiny is all…

4) Outlander

Drama, Fantastic, Romantic interesting topics, right?

In 1945, our lead character Claire, who was a war nurse, finds herself in Scotland in 1743 as a result of touching her stones while she is on vacation in Scotland. In short, we do not remain untouched. She has to marry Jamie and our drama begins now…

At the moment, I am keeping myself so hard not to give spoilers when telling the heads … A series that will happen to them in many historical times … America, France, Scotland are at different ages in different lands but that love will never end.

Sometimes you will cry from sadness, and sometimes from that passion. But you will love this series!

6) Black Sails

There are those who remember the Treasure Island book that was taught by force in primary school. Or those who watch the Caribbean Pirates and come to the gas. Pirate games played on many platforms. Yes, after this series, you can play all of them again and start watching!

In short, the series tells about 30 years before the book Treasure Island. The series, which includes the characters Billy Robert, Captain Flint and Long John Silver, also handles characters such as Calico Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Edward “Blackbeard” Thatch and Charles Vane, which we know from real history Black Flag. My favorite part of the series is the pirate periods. An island that belongs to pirates and states trying to capture this island. We can watch enough war. An exciting series that you can watch without breath.

7) The Crown

Crown Queen II. A historical drama about Elizabeth’s reign and life. It is really interesting to watch the story of someone who is still alive and on the throne. The private life of the queen, politics, intrigues, love, magazine … If you think that she has been on the throne for so long, you can guess how long the series has passed. From the second half of the twentieth century, you have the chance to watch both the historical events that echo around the world and the life of the dynasty. You will see Diana, who is very popular in the following seasons, in the series. The series is very successful in terms of costumes, venues and acting. I can’t understand how it ends when it comes out every season. If you say you like historical dramas, I would say give it a chance. You will know the dynasty, the queen from a different perspective. Have a good time already!

8)Win The Wilderness

It’s not exactly a series, but it’s a great competition. The 6 episode mini series has really been a production you will watch without breath. Duane Ose, who walked 91 kilometers in Alaska in 15 days in 1985, eventually started building his own home on a mountain. It would be wrong to say home is actually a wonderful work. But now that they are old, they want to transfer their houses to another couple. Only a couple will be honored to take over this wonderful home as a result of pleasant competitions in Alaska. The images, the atmosphere and the approach of people to each other are really enjoyable.

9)Designated Survivor

Notify everyone, including the American president!

The series, which started with the death of the American president and councilors, begins with the appointment of a chairman in the hierarchical order of Tom Kirkman, the secretary of housing and development. Let’s sit back in our seats and watch how the president, who was appointed after the terrorist attack of America, managed this crisis. Then the events will continue without slowing down. Continuous political conflicts and indispensable FBI events are waiting for you.

10)After life

After Life, a journalist named Tony Johnson lost his wife from cancer, a series of snack tastes that addressed the change in his life. In addition to its dramatic atmosphere, it also contains funny elements. Tony Gervais, who plays the character, seems to have left himself influenced on the character he portrayed, as in the stand-up shows. Because Tony is an outspoken logical character that directly states what he thinks and what people say or do is actually. Apart from the drama and comedy of this series, it pushes people to think about real life, their life, work, etc. We can say that it contains content that will give lessons to people who spend on running.

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